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Cyber Attacks and the Organisation

Cyber Attacks and the Organisation

Cyber attack is on the increase this year. The best and biggest organisations are now sustaining a daily attack from intruders. Tesco Bank, Google, Linkedin, US Government, etc. From minor intrusions to the disabling DDoS attacks are now per for the course.

We must differentiate state backed actions and non state actions. State backed attacks often called cyber warfare is more pernicious than the non state actor inspired hacking.

The next big hacking threat is taking place somewhere near where you right now. You just can’t see until after the harm has been perpetrated.

‘Ransomeware’ attacks are increasingly being reported all over the world. This takes over a computer system and blackmails the owners into paying a fee before full control is returned to the owners.

There is clear evidence that hackers are targeting Oil installations for instance to determine the cost/price details in order to predict an organisation’s marketing activity and to predict the potential for crash in the sector.

Industrial espionage is now big. This April, a German nuclear facility discovered a malicious malware that could steal login and password of staff. This came on the heel of a hacker who attempted to take over New York Dam. The time has come for organisations to treat the security of their systems with more care.