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The US Presidential Elections hacking claims

The US Presidential Elections hacking claims

The election was hacked by the Russians and other state actors. Most capable operators in the cyberspace hacking community can prove the hacking by deploying a bog standard analytic program to monitor and trace the traffic with respect to Democratic Party (DNC) servers. What is baffling is that Mr Donald Trump, is denying that it is not possible for the hack, whereas I recall that he implored the Russians to rescue his bid by hacking Hillary and her cohorts.


The truth is that the US government hacks it’s citizens anyway. That have given impetus to some reckless gamblers in the community to go for it. Some are encouraged by the state actors, some hacks operate a style, I will characterise as ‘Hack and Pay’. But we knew that a lot activity was coming from Russian hackers. By the way, the traffic does not need to emanate from Russia. Most Russian operations are spread around Asia.

Mr Trump should keep silent and admit that he benefited from this unfortunate episode.